theory 1 ch 1

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  1. what are the three preventative services?
    • primary
    • secondary
    • tertiary
  2. primary prevention
    • truly prevented
    • i.e. fluoride, sealant
  3. secondary prevention
    • treatment of early disease
    • prevent further progress of poss irreversible conditions
    • i.e. removal of all calc/biofilm while debriding a root surface in a shallow pocket
  4. tertiary prevention
    • methods used after secondary prevention fails
    • rehabilitate the oral cavity/replace tissues to function properly
    • i.e. bridge, implant
  5. educational services
    • strategies for one or more to improve their health
    • entire pt care system
    • preventative and therapeutic depends on the pt's understanding and care
  6. therapeutic services
    • clinical treatments to arrest/control disease and maintain tissues
    • all scaling, root debridement, posttreatment = therapeutic for perio
    • sealant = preventative and therapeutic
  7. purpose of the dental hygiene process of care
    • provides a framework for each individual
    • identify causative or influencing factors to be reduced, eliminated, or prevented by hygienist
  8. what is assessment?
    • the first component of the hygiene process
    • foundation for collecting subjective and objective data
  9. what are assessment objectives?
    • systematic collection of data of the pt's health
    • documentation in pt's record
  10. subjective data is _______ and _______ with the patient.
    it includes chief complaint, ________ of health, _______ and value on oral health
    • observation and interaction
    • perception
    • care
  11. objective data includes _______ and oral assessment
    evidence of _______ in teeth, probing depths,
    loss of _______ attachment, caries, and defective _______
    • physical
    • disease
    • periodontal
    • restorations
  12. what is the definition of dental hygiene diagnosis?
    • health behaviors of individuals, and actual/potential health problems the hygienist can treat
    • data from the assessment phase are critically analyzed and interpreted
  13. objectives of DH diagnosis
    • identify health behaviors
    • provide the basis of the design, implementation, and evaluation of the plan
    • treatment proposed to patient
    • hygienist responsible for pt
  14. what is data processing?
    using critical thinking skills to collect and interpret information
  15. classification is sorting info into categories such as systemic, _______ _______ tissue, _______, dental, and oral _______. intrepreted according to pt's needs
    • oral soft
    • periodontal
    • hygiene
  16. interpretation relies upon _______ _______. analysis, synthesis, _______ reasoning and _______ reasoning determine diagnosis
    • critical thinking
    • inductive
    • deductive
  17. validation is an attempt to verify the accuracy of _______ _______. recognizing _______, isolating descrepancies, and identifying the need for more information
    • data interpretation
    • errors
  18. DH diagnosis:
    focus on the pt's _______. determine actual/potential_______, and risks. specify contributing _______. be safe and _______. express the problem and _______.
    • needs
    • problems
    • factors
    • effective
    • cause

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