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  1. ungainly
    (adj.) [un GAYN lee] clumsy; awkward; hard to handle. As she struggled to hold her tuba upright, Terry wondered, “Why on earth did I choose such an ungainly instrument?”
  2. catalyst
    (n) [KAT l ist] someone or something that brings about a change. The guest appearance of the rock star was a catalyst in raising funds for the homeless.
  3. alleviate
    (v)[ə LEE vee ayt] to make easier to endure; to relieve; to diminish. Although the new drug is said to alleviate the symptoms, it will not cure the disease.
  4. dismantle
    (v)[dis MANT l] to pull down; to take apart. Before the movers could take the pool table out of the game room, they had to dismantle it.
  5. impassive
    (adj.) [im PAS iv] without feeling or emotion; insensible. Spartans were admired for the impassive behavior even when suffering great pain.
  6. nonchalance
    (n) [non shə LONS] carelessness; lack of interest or concern. Edward’s nonchalance about his studies explained his poor showing on the midterm exams.
  7. pariah
    (n) [pə RI ah] an outcast. Anyone who breaks the code of honor at West Point is treated like a pariah.
  8. ribald
    (adj.) [RIB əld] low, vulgar humor (from Middle English ribaud, a person of low rank). Out of respect for their visiting grandparents who might be offended by the vulgar stories, Nat and Natalie refrained from their usual ribald dinner conversations.
  9. schizophrenia
    (n) [skit sə FREE nee a] a form of psychosis characterized by withdrawal from reality. The use of therapeutic drugs and sheltered environments help many victims of schizophrenia live productive and happy lives.
  10. sedate
    (adj.) [si DAYT] composed, collected; deliberate. The visiting dignitary strolled at a sedate pace in review of the honor guard drawn up to greet him at the airport.
  11. sedulous
    (adj.) [SEJ oo les] diligent; painstaking, industrious. Cuthburt’s sedulous attention to the preparation of the case left no opportunity for his opponents to find omissions or oversights.
  12. spurious
    (adj.) [SPYOOR ee əs] lacking authenticity; counterfeit; false. It was discovered that the correspondent who files the spurious report had actually never been at the battle site.
  13. susceptible
    (adj.) [se SEP tə bəl] very sensitive; capable of being acted upon, influenced by or affected by a specific trait. School attendance in the wintertime is likely to be poor because the children are more susceptible to colds in that season.
  14. therapeutic
    (adj.) [thayr ə PYOO tik] having healing or curative powers. It is still believed that bathing in the mineral waters of Agua Caliente has a therapeutic effect on joint diseases.
  15. tirade
    (n) [TI rayd] a long, angry or scolding speech; a harangue. The dictator’s tirade attacked the forces which opposed his regime, accusing them of plotting a coupe.ungainly (adj.) [un GAYN lee] clumsy; awkward; hard to handle. As she struggled to hold her tuba upright, Terry wondered, “Why on earth did I choose such an ungainly instrument?”

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