Foramen & Contents

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  1. Cribriform Plate
    Olfactory N. (CN I)
  2. Optic Canal
    • Optic N. (CN II)
    • Ophthalmic A.
  3. Superior Orbital Fissure
    • Oculomotor N. (CN III)
    • Trochlear N. (CN IV)
    • Ophthalmic N. (CN V1)
    • Abducens N. (CN VI)
    • Sup. Ophthalmic V.
  4. Foramen Rotundum
    Maxillary N. (CN V2)
  5. Foramen Ovale
    • Mandibular N. (CN V3)
    • Lesser Petrosal N. (from CN IX)
    • Accessory Meningeal A.
  6. Foramen Spinosum
    Middle Meningeal A.
  7. Carotid Canal
    Internal Carotid A.
  8. Internal Acoustic Meatus
    • Facial N. (CN VII)
    • Vestibulocochlear N. (CN VIII)
  9. Jugular Foramen
    • Inferior petrosal sinus
    • Glossopharyngeal N. (CN IX)
    • Vagus N. (CN X)
    • Accessory N. (CN XI)
    • Sigmoid sinus
  10. Hypoglossal Canal
    Hypoglossal N. (CN XII)
  11. Foramen Magnum
    • Medulla continuous w/ S. Cord
    • Spinal Accessory N. (CN XI)
    • Vertebral A.
  12. Foramen Cecum
    Emissary veins b/w nasal cavity & superior sagittal sinus
  13. Foramen Lacerum
    • Fibrocartilage in vivo
    • Nerve of pterygoid canal
    • Small meningeal branch of ascending pharyngeal a.
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