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  1. Bacteria have multiple options for developing new traits
    Mutation, Transformation, Conjugation, Transduction.
  2. Identifying Mutants
    • Easier than in eukaryotes because of single chromosome
    • Positive Selection
    • Negative (indirect) selection
  3. Positive Selection
    Rejects unmutated parental cells
  4. Indirect Selection
    • Replica Plating
    • Negative (indirect selection)
  5. Ames Test
    • Method to identify potential carcinogens
    • Most mutagens are carcinogenic
    • Relies upon change in mutation rate
  6. The flow of genetic information in bacteria
    • Horizontal gene transfer: Between cells of the same generation. Can transfer DNA to its neighbor. It is usually the plasmid that is being shared.
    • Vertical gene transfer: from one generation to the next
    • Gene Expression: within a cell
  7. Griffith Experiment
    Streptococis Pneumoniae. The one with a capsule (sugar coat) is virulent. A. immune system took care of Tye R nonvirulent. B. Type S virulent knew it would kill the mouse. C. boiled type S and inactivated it so it didn’t kill the mouse. D. Horizontal gene transfer. Contained Type R nonvirulent and boiled type S. Took up DNA from the dead ones and killed the mouse.

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