Earth's time line

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  1. Precambrian Era
    • - 4.6 bya
    • - Earth forms
    • - life begins
  2. Paleozoic Era
    • - 542 mya
    • - many animal lineages appear
  3. Hadeon Eon
    creation of Earth/solar system (4.5bya)
  4. Archaean Eon
    origins of life (3.8bya)
  5. Proterozoic Eon
    oxygen in atmosphere, beginnings of multicellular life (2.5bya)
  6. Cambrian Period
    explosion of life, like algae and more marine invertebrates (542mya)
  7. Ordvician Period
    Echinoderms - sea stars/urchins (488mya)
  8. Devonian Period
    upland plant communities, diversify fish (416mya)
  9. Carboniferious Period
    insects diversify, swamps (make coal)

  10. Permian Era
    coal forming swamps diminish - ends with mass extinction

  11. Mesozoic Era
    Age of the reptiles (250mya)
  12. Triassic Period
    gymnosperms dominant land plants, dinosaurs

  13. Jurassic Period
    first mammals and angiosperms, dinosaurs still the head animal

  14. Cretaceous Period
    Dinosaurs and angiosperms diversify

  15. Cenozoic Era
    Age of Mammals (65.5mya)

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Earth's time line
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