Nervous System

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  1. *Major homeostatic system in the body

    *Regulates cellular activities by sending nerve impulses

    IS THE?
    Functions of the Nervous System (NS)
  2. What are the 2 cell types?

  3. Sends and receives impulses
  4. Smaller cell that supports neurons
    Neuroglial cell
  5. The 2 cell types (neurons & neuroglial cells) together make up_______ _______.
    Nervous Tissue
  6. Consists of the brain and spinal cord
  7. Consists of peripheral nerves called cranial nerves and spinal nerves
    PNS- Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEM
  8. Neurons are large cells that transmit and generate messages in the form of nerve impulses called?
    Neuronal Action Potential
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  11. The BIOSYNTHETIC center of the neuron that contains the nucleus and many of the organelles is called?
  12. the cytoskeleton consists of what 2 filaments?

  13. The 2 filaments of the cell body ( microtubules & neurofilaments) compartmentalize the rough endoplasmic reticulum into dark-staining structures called?
    Nissl bodies
  14. In the central nervous system, clusters of cell bodies are called?
  15. In the peripheral nervous system, clusters of cell bodies are called?
  16. Transmits action potentials to other neurons, muscle, and glands
  17. How many axons exit the cell body to transmit messages?
  18. The cell membrane of an Axon is called the?
  19. The terminal branches of the Axon are called the?
  20. The end of the telodendria is called the?
    Axon terminal
  21. Branching processes that receive messages and transmits the action potential to the cell body, but are unable to generate action potential.
  22. Neurons are classified by the number of ________ extending from the cell body.
  23. Neuron that has....
    * 3 or more processes
    * 1 Axon and 2 or more dendrites
    * Most common
    Multipolar neuron
  24. Neuron that has....
    * 1 Axon and 1 Dendrite
    * Associated with senses (ex: Olfactory epithelium and retina of the eye)
    * Rare
    Bipolar Neuron
  25. Neuron that has....
    * Only 1 process
    * Found in skin
    * Transmits pain and temperature
    Pseudounipolar Neuron
  26. There are ___ types of neuroglial cells.
    6 TYPES
  27. What are the 6 types of neuroglial cells?
    • *Schwann cells
    • *Satellite cells
    • *Astrocytes
    • *Oligodendrocytes
    • *Microglial cells
    • *Ependymal cells
  28. *Most numerous neuroglial cell type in the CNS
    *Anchor neurons-and blood vessels in place, regulates extracellular environment of the brain
    * Facilitates the formation of the blood-brain-barrier
  29. Prevents substances from the blood from entering the brain
  30. *Responsible for the myelin sheath that surrounds the axon in the PNS
    *Myelinates only one axon by wrapping clockwise around axon.
    Schwann Cell
  31. The outer edge of the schwann cell that contains most of its cytoplasm and the nucleus is called?
  32. Protects and insulates the axons and speeds up conduction of action potentials
    Myelin sheath
  33. BECAUSE the myelin sheath is made up of individual neuroglial cells, there are small gaps between the cells where the plasma membrane of the axon is exposed leaving gaps called?
    Nodes of Ranvier
  34. The myelin covered segments between the NODES OF RANVIER are called?
  35. *Surround the cell bodies of the neurons of the PNS
    * Believe to enclose and support cell body
    Satellite Cells
  36. *Long extensions that wrap around the axons of certain neurons in the CNS to form the myelin sheath.
    *ONE can myelinate SEVERAL axons
  37. Small cells that are very active phagocytes that clean up debris surrounding the neurons
    Microglial cells
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