Initial Consonants

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  1. desk, duck, dump truck, dust, dog, dish, dock, docker
  2. carrot, cone, cabbage, chopping board, cup, cook, cupboard (closet), cook-pot, cow, car, cat, coat, cake, camel, canoe, comb, can, crab, cloud(구름), cub, coach, cube, cookie
  3. nine, nail, nest, net, New York, noon, nine, necktie, necklace, news, note, neighborhood, nut, (musical) note, nurse, needle(바늘)
  4. garden, grandpa, glasses, glove, garbage can, goose, game, gift, goat, gold, gas pump, gum
  5. waitress, waiter, window, water, watch, waffle, wall, wallpaper, work, Windmill, wagon, web, well, wall, weave(짜다, 짜서 만든 것), wallet, walk, witch(마녀), witchcraft(마술), weld(용접하다), wig
  6. picnic, pigeon, peach, pink, pie, pet, pear, pad, picnicker, person, pants, Pickle, penguin, puzzle, pillow, pea, pod(꼬투리), pancake, pig, peanut
  7. radio, robe, rainbow, robot, rocket, ribbon, rice, rose, recipe, relay, race, rabbit, rib, refrigerator, rhythm, ring, rock, read, rope, road, rug, raisin(건포도), run, read, rock(흔들다), row(배를젓다)
  8. kiwikiwi, key, koala, kitten, kitchen, kit, kite, kangaroo, king, ketchup, kiss
  9. jogger, juice, jogger, jogging shoes, jewelry, jumper, jump rope, jean, jam, jelly, jet (plane), jeep, joker, June, July, January, job

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Initial Consonants
2010-01-12 08:39:43
Sadlier Phonics initial Consonants

Sadlier Phonics Level K initial d, c, n, g, w, j
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