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  1. Extrinsic Eye Muscles
    Rotate the eyeball within the orbit
  2. Suprahyoid Muscles
    Form the floor of the mouth, elevate hyoid to assist in swallowing
  3. Scalene Muscles
    • Flex and laterally flex neck.
    • Elevate first and second ribs to assist in breathing
  4. Anterior Vertebral Muscles
    Flex neck. Stabilize upper cervical area and base of skull
  5. Suboccipital Muscles
    Stabilize upper cervical area and base of skull
  6. Intrinsic Back Muscles
    Extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the, head, neck and trunk
  7. Breathing Muscles
    Increase and decrease volume of thoracic cavity (breathing)
  8. Abdominal Muscles
    • Flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the trunk.
    • Compression of abdomen to facilitate forceful exhalation, urination, defecation, vomiting and childbirth.
  9. Extrinsic Back Muscles
    Retracts scapula.
  10. Chest Muscles
    Protract scapula.
  11. Shoulder Muscles

    hold head of humerus within glenoid fossa
  12. Brachium Muscles
    Movements of the shoulder, joint and elbow

    "pretend like I'm playing tennis"
  13. Anterior Antebrachium Muscles
    Flex wrist and fingers
  14. Posterior Antebrachium Muscles
    Extend wrist and fingers
  15. Intrinsic hand muscles
    Hold hand together
  16. Pelvic Floor Muscles
    Support pelvic organs, bowel and bladder control
  17. Gluteal Muscles
    Hold head of femur in acetabulum
  18. Posterior Thigh Muscles
    Extend thigh, flex leg
  19. "mule kick"
  20. Anterior Thigh muscles

    Flex thigh, extend leg

    "kicking a ball"
  21. Medial Thigh muscles
    Adduct thigh
  22. Anterior Leg Muscles
    Dorsiflexion of foot, extension of toes
  23. Posterior leg muscles
    Plantar flexion of foot, flexion of toes
  24. Lateral leg muscles
    Eversion of foot
  25. Intrinsic foot muscles
    Hold foot together

    "stabilize the foot"

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