pathology chapter 4

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  1. body's most specific defense mechanish
    immunity response
  2. T/F: the seconday lesion of syphilis occcurs at the site of inoculation
    false-the primary lesion is at the site of inoculation
  3. the primary lesion is called?
  4. the spirochete that causes syphilis
    treponema pallidum
  5. which is virus s associated with group A, beta hemolytic streptococcal infection
    • tonsilitis
    • scarlet fever
    • rheumatic fever
  6. oral candidiasis is caused by a
    yeast like fungus
  7. T/F:erythematou candidiasis is usually asymptomatic
    false-red raw patch usually painful
  8. when normal components of the oral microflora cause disease
    opportunistic infection
  9. characteristic of herpes zoster
    unilateral lesions
  10. why is it necessary to have a cytologic smear in order to diagnosis candidiasis:
    because every one has it
  11. stage of syphlis that is not infectious
  12. micro organism that causes tuberculosis
    mycobacterium tuberculosis
  13. positive skin test with PPD indicates
    infection with the tb bacteria
  14. clinical characteristic in actinomycosis
    sulfur granules present in exudate
  15. T/F: xerostomia is not a clinical sign of NUG
  16. virus that causes verruca vulgaris
    human papilloma virus
  17. sexually transmitted disease cuased by a papilloma virus
    condyloma acuminatum
  18. ulcers
    child under 6 years old?
    primary herpes simplex infection
  19. most common form of recurrent herpes simplex
    herpes labiali
  20. primary infection with varicella zoster virus
    chicken pox
  21. virus that causes herpangina
  22. antibody testing to determine if a peson is infected with HIV
  23. early sign of problems in the immune system of the HIV patient
  24. hairy leukoplakia commonly occurs on the
    lateral tongue
  25. leukoedema (is/is not) a lesion associated with HIV or AIDS
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