Atomic Theory Review

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  1. In Greek, what does atom mean?
  2. State 3 points of Dalton's theory
    1. All matter is made of atoms

    • 2. Same # atom = same element
    • diffrent # of atom = diffrent element

    3.Atoms cannot be created nor destroied but can be combined, rearranged, or seperated
  3. William Crooks invented
    Cathorde Ray tube
  4. Who invented the cathorode ray tube?
    William Crooks
  5. Early philosophers said that world was made of...
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Air
  6. JJ Thompson discovered...
  7. Robert Millikan discovered...
    electron charge
  8. How did Robert Millikan discover the charge of the electron?
    Oil drop experiment
  9. Rutherford's experiment was named...
    Gold-foil experiment
  10. What 2 things did Rutherford discover?
    Small dense nucleus and the rest is empty space
  11. Chadwick discovered...
  12. Atomic number tells what?
    Number of protons and identifies the atom
  13. Mass minus Atomic number = ?
  14. How do you get neutrons?
    mass minus atomic #
  15. Demos-215 exists 24.5%
    Demos-220 exists 75.5%
    What is the average mass?
    215amu to 220amu
  16. Cesium-134 symbol, atomic number, mass, protons, neutrons, and electrons
    134/55 Cs, 55, 134, 55, 79, 55
  17. What are the coloumns of the periodic table called?
  18. What are the rows of the periodic table called?
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