Word List 26

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  1. infringe
    to violate; encroach; entrench; trench
  2. ingenious
    clever; resourceful
  3. ingrained
    deeply established; firmly rooted
  4. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  5. ingratiate
    to become popular with
  6. inimical
    hostile; harmful; detrimental
  7. inimitable
    matchless; not able to be imitated
  8. iniquitous
    wicked; immoral; unrighteous
  9. inkling
    hint; intimation
  10. innuendo
    hint; insinuation
  11. inordinate
    unrestrained; excessive
  12. inscrutable
    not easily understood; mysterious
  13. insensate
    without feeling
  14. insidious
    stealthily treacherous or deceitful
  15. insolence
    impudent disrespect; haughtiness
  16. insouciant
    callous; indifferent
  17. insuperable
    insurmountable; unbeatable
  18. insurgent
  19. insurrection
    rebellion; uprising
  20. integrity
    uprightness; wholeness
  21. intelligentsia
    members of the educated elite (often used derogatorily)
  22. inter
    to bury
  23. interdict
    to prohibit; forbid
  24. interloper
  25. interminable
  26. internecine
    mutually destructive
  27. interpolate
    to introduce (something additional or extraneous) between other things or parts; interject; interpose; intercalate
  28. interregnum
    period between two reigns
  29. intrepid
  30. introspective
    looking within oneself
  31. inveigh
    to denounce, censure or reproach
  32. inveigle
    to persuade; wheedle; cajole; coax
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