World History: Industrial Revolution

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  1. What is Romanticism?
    Romanticism is an intellectual movement that emerged at the end of the eighteenth century in reaction to the ideas of the enlightenment; it stressed feelings, emotions, and imagination as sources of knowing.
  2. How did romantics view poetry?
    Romantics viewed poetry as the DIRECT expression of the soul.
  3. Secularization:
    indifference to or rejection of religion
  4. Who was Ludwig van Beethoven?
    He was one of the most famous composeres of his era.Image Upload 1
  5. Louis Pasteur
    He proposed the germ theory.Image Upload 2
  6. Charles Darwin
    He thought of the concept that humans were part of the natural world. her wrote the book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.Image Upload 3
  7. Organic evolution:
    the basic theory by Charles Darwin stating that each spiecies, or kind, of plant or animal had evolved over millions of years from earlier simpler forms.
  8. Natural Selection:
    "Those that are able to surveive [survival of the fittest] reproduce and thrive, while the unfit do not"-Charles Darwin
  9. Realism
    The belief that the world should be viewed realistically was closely related to the scientific outlook
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