Microbiology quizes

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  1. Reproduction in bacterial cells ovvurs by the sequence of events known as _____
    Binary fission
  2. Psychrophilic bacteria species grow well at 10 degrees C, while mesophilic bacteria species grow well at ______
    37 degrees C
  3. During the stationary phase of bacterial growth, the population of living cells is ____ the population of dying cells
    Equal to
  4. Organisms that practice heterotrophy are able to synthesize their own food from _______
    Simple carbon sources
  5. When nutrients are limiting some bacterial species can for resistant structures called ________
  6. Facultative anaerobes can live with or without _____ gas
  7. Barophiles are prokaryotes that with stand high _______
    Hydrostatice pressures
  8. In terms of temperature tolerance, human pathogens tend to be ______
  9. Prokaryotes that can with stand very high salt concentration are called _______
  10. The inward pinching to the cell envelope in reproduction is called ______
  11. The interval of time between successive reproductions is called ________
    Generation time
  12. What is the peroid where there is the least amount of growth in the growth curve?
    Lag phase
  13. Which of the following diseases result from germination of endospores?
  14. Which of the following conditions are important for the growth of microbes?
    Temperature, gas, pH, and oxygen
  15. An example of an anaerobic that causes disease in human are?
  16. Which kind of organisms will grow best in a candle jar?
  17. which kind of organisms will grow everywhere in a thioglycollate broth?
    Facultative anaerobes
  18. What is a medium that contains ingredients that inhibit the growth of some organisms while allowing the growth of others?
  19. One way to get a pure culture is by using ________
    • Both A & C
    • -aseptic technique
    • -streak-plate method
  20. One indirect way to determine microbial growth is using _____
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