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  1. What are Aesthetic Qualities?
    Qualities that increase your understanding of the works and serve as the criteria on which their judgements are based.
  2. What are Literal Qualities?
    Realistic representations of subject matter.
  3. What are Design Qualities?
    How well the work is organized, or put together.
  4. What are the steps of the art criticism approach?
    • -Description
    • -Analysis
    • -Interpretation
    • -Judgement
  5. What is done during the Description phase of art criticism?
    Find the literal qualities, and discuss the elements of art.
  6. What is done during the Analysis phase of art criticism?
    Discover the design qualities, or how well it's put together.
  7. What is done during the Interpretation phase of art criticism?
    Discover the expressive qualities.
  8. What are Expressive Qualities?
    Have to do with the meaning, mood, or idea communicated to the viewer through a work of art.
  9. What is done during the Judgement phase of art critcism?
    Expressing your opinion, only if it's supported by fact.
  10. What are Aesthetics?
    A branch of philosphy concerned with identifying the clues within artworks that can be used to understand, judge, and defend judgements about those works.
  11. What are the 3 theories of aesthetics?
    • -Immitationilism
    • -Formalism
    • -Emotionalism
  12. What is Imitationalism?
    A theory of art that places emphasis on the literal qualities.
  13. What is Formalism?
    A theory of art that places emphasis on design qualities; believing the most important thing is how well it's put together.
  14. What is Emotionalism?
    Concerned mostly with the expressive qualities; studies what the artist is trying to make you feel.
  15. What is Non-Objective Art?
    Any artwork that contains no apparent reference to reality.

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