Anus, rectum, prostate

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  1. How many sphincter muscle s are there
  2. external sphincter
    • skeletal muscle
    • voluntary control
  3. internal sphincter
    • composed of smooth muscle
    • Involuntary control (ANS)
  4. Intersphincter groove
    between 2 sphincters
  5. Lines with folds of mucosa
  6. folds of mucosa
  7. bewtwwn colums of morgagni
    anal crypt
  8. veins under chronic pressure, encorged with blood
  9. lenfth of rectum
  10. Has 2 lobes
  11. has a shallow groove called teh medial sulcus
  12. surrounds neck of the bladder and urethra and lies betwen the two structures
  13. can be palpated through anterior wall of rectum
  14. hyperplasia of prostate common in
    men older than 40
  15. seminal vesicles
    nourishes and protects sperm
  16. bloody stools can be caused by
    • hemorrhoids
    • polyps
    • cancer
    • colitic
    • diverticulitis
  17. black stool
    • blood originating high in digestive tract
    • Excessive iron intake
    • pepto-bismol use
    • eating too many green veggies or blueberries
    • Duedenal or gastric ucler, esophageal varicies, mallory wriess tear, gastritis
  18. clay colored stool
    • lack of bile salts/bile pigment
    • blockage of the common bile duct
    • use of antacids containing aluminum hydroxide
    • Following barium enema or barium swallow
    • Hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones
    • giardia parasitic infection, chronic pancreatitis
    • cirrhosis of the liver
  19. green stool
    • green leafy veggies
    • green/purple food coloring
    • iron supplementation
    • rapid changes in transit time within the colon
  20. orange stools
    • some meds
    • foods high in beta carotine
  21. Mucus in your stool
    • IBS
    • ulcerative colitis
    • bacterial infection
    • anal fissure
    • steatorrhea
  22. steatorrhea
    excessive fat in stool secondary to malabsorption disorder
  23. Itching an pain
    • due to stds
    • hemorrhoids
    • pinworms
    • anal trauma
  24. fecal testing for occult blood yearly after the age of 50
    reduces death from colorectal cancer
  25. Sensitivity
    test says they've got the disease and they really do
  26. specificity
    test says they don't have the disease and they don't
  27. age recommended for sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy
    over 50
  28. sigmoidoscopy recommended q
    3-5 years
  29. colonoscopy recommended q
    10 years
  30. Digital rectal exam when
    after 40
  31. PSA
    prostate specific antigen
  32. PSA
    yearly 50 years old +
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