Ch. 12 - Skin Hair & Nails

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  1. Zosteriform
    Linear shape of skin lesion along a nerve route
  2. Wheal
    • raised red skin lesion due to interstitial fluid
  3. Vesicle
    • elevated cavity containing free fluid up to 1 cm diameter
  4. Ulcer
    • sloughing of neurotic inflammatory tissue that causes a deep depression in skin, extending into dermis
  5. Telangiectasia
    • skin lesion due to permanently enlarged and dilated blood vessels that are visible
  6. Scale
    • compact desiccated flakes of skin from shedding of dead skin cells
  7. Pustule
    • elevated cavity containing thick turbid fluid (pus) ; usually less than 5 cm in diameter
  8. Purpura
    red-purple skin lesion due to blood in tissues from breaks in blood vessels
  9. Pruritus
  10. Plaque
    • skin lesion in which papules come together ; usually .5 cm or larger
  11. Papule
    • Palpable skin lesion < 1 cm in diameter
  12. Pallor
    excessively pale, whitish-pink color to lightly pigmented skin
  13. Nodule
    • elevated skin lesion, greater than 1 cm in diameter
  14. Nevus
    • mole
    • circumscribed skin lesion due to excess meloncytes
  15. Macule
    • flat skin lesion with only a color change
  16. Maceration
    softening of tissue by soaking
  17. Lipoma
    benign fatty tumor
  18. Lichenification
    • tightly packed set of papules that thickens skin, from prolonged intense scratching
  19. Keloid
    • hypertrophic scar, elevated beyond site of original injury
  20. Jaundice
    yellow color to skin, palate, and sclera due to excess bilirubin in the blood
  21. Iris
    target shape of skin lesion
  22. Hemongioma
    skin lesion due to benign proliferation of blood vessels in the dermis
  23. Furuncle
    • boil ; supportive inflammatory skin lesion due to infected hair follicle
  24. Fissure
    linear crack in skin extending into dermis (usually in thicker areas of skin)
  25. Excoriation
    • self-inflictated abrasion on skin due to scratching
  26. Erythema
    intense redness of the skin due to excess blood in dilated superficial capillaries, as in fever or inflammation
  27. Erosion
    • scooped out, shallow depression in skin
  28. Cyanosis
    dusky blue color to skin or mucous membranes due to increased amount of unoxygenated hemoglobin
  29. Crust
    • thick, dried-out exudate left on skin when vesicles/pustules burst or dry up
  30. Confluent
    skin lesions that run together
  31. Bulla
    • elevated cavity containing free fluid larger than 1 cm in diameter
  32. Annular
    • circular shape to skin lesion
  33. alopecia
    • baldness
    • hair loss

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