World History

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  1. What Aegean civilization was on the island of Crete?
  2. When did the Minoans begin?
  3. 4 Trade products of the Minoans
    • 1) Olive oil
    • 2) Fine pottery
    • 3) Painting- Frescos (painting on wet plaster)
    • 4) Relief sculptures
  4. What is a Frescos?
    A painting on wet plaster.
  5. What is the keyword of the Aegean civ and Mycenae?
    • Beauty-A
    • Strength-M
  6. When did the Mycenae civ begin?
  7. Where did the Mycenae civ begin and end.
    • 1) First on Crete
    • 2) Then on Greek mainland
  8. Who defeated the Dorians and when?
    Mycenae 1200 BC
  9. When were the dark ages?
    • 1150-750 BC
    • Knowledge based mainly on The Iliad & the Odyssey by Homer
  10. Greek values shaped during this time
    • a. Dignity
    • b. Strength
    • c. Valor
    • d. Bravery
    • e. Generosity
    • f. Wisdom
  11. anthropomorphic?
    having human form or attributes
  12. 4 Greek gods
    • 1. Zeus- king of gods and man
    • 2. Apollo- god of sun, music, medicine
    • 3. Athena- goddess of wisdom
    • 4. Poseidon- god of the sea and earthquakes
  13. Olympic games?
    • 1. every 4 years to honor Zeus (776 BC)
    • 2. Location- Mt. Olympus
    • 3. Olympiad became the means of dating historical events
  14. Location of city-states?
    • 1. Usually at the foot of a hill
    • 2. Fortress at the top of the hill
  15. Monarchy?
    • Rule by one
    • Rule by few
  16. Tyranny?
    dictator comes to power throuogh violence
  17. Democracy?
    Pure democracy?
    • rule by the people
    • any male adult citizen could participate in government decisions
  18. Development of city-states
    750-500 BC
  19. Sparta
    • Lifestyle centered on training warriors
    • militaristic
  20. 4 ways of training men?
    • a) Unhealthy babies were abandoned to die
    • b) Taken from home at age 7
    • c) Became part of the Spartan army at age 20
    • d) Became full citizens at age 30
  21. When boys were taken from home at age 7 what 3 things did they do?
    • 1]Rigorous physical training
    • 2]Daily beatings to teach endurance of pain
    • 3]Taught to steal to prove resourcefulness
  22. Training Spartan women?
    • a) Chief goal was to become strong mothers
    • b) To raise strong warrior sons (“Return with your shields or on them”)
  23. Government form of Sparta?
    Oligarchy (a board of 5 Nobles)
  24. What was the main goal of the board?
    to guard against change (maintain status quo)
  25. 4 Characteristics of Sparta?
    • a) Militarism
    • b) Isolation
    • c) Oligarchy
    • d) Glorification of the State
  26. 4 Characteristics of Athens?
    • a) Creativity
    • b) Trade
    • c) Democracy
    • d) Individualism
  27. Influence of Solon? (2)
    • a] forbade the practice of making debtors into slaves
    • b] Formed the Council of 400 (Representation to al sections of Athens)
  28. Influence of Pericles? (2)
    • he established the rule of the people
    • he set up the Delian League
  29. What is the Delian League?
    a Greek alliance to protect against Persian attack
  30. Most populated city in Hellas?
    • 150,000 Athenians
    • 50,000 Aliens
    • 100,000 Slaves
    • 300,000
  31. when and when was the Fateful century?
    • 500-400 BC
    • Aegean sea
  32. who is the persian king that sought to revenge Athens for her part in the rebellion?
    Darius I
  33. Who won the Battle of Thermopylae?
    • Persians won
    • Darius I “Master, remember the Athenians.”
  34. Who is Darius' son?
  35. What happened when Xerxes tried to cross the Hellespont?
    • 1) On two boat bridges (674 boats across 1 mile)
    • 2) Storm destroys bridges
    • a) Phoenician, Egyptian engineers beheaded
    • b) Water is given 300 lashes
  36. What happens when Xerxes crossed the 2nd time?
    • f. Combined Greek armies took a stand at Thermopylae Pass (p63) Herodotus estimated Persians at 3 million.
    • g. Persians unsuccessfully attacked the pass 3 times
    • h. Greek traitor showed Persians an alternate way through the pass
    • I. Greeks fled except for 300 Spartan soldiers
  37. Who sent a “fake traitor” to Xerxes?
    Themistocles (Greek leader)
  38. where did Greece look for leadership?
  39. Greek civil war? and dates?
    Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC)
  40. Peloponnesian War was mainly a civil war between Athens and Sparta. 4 things
    • a. Athens had a superior navy
    • b. Sparta had a superior army
    • c. Early in the war, a plague killed a large portion of the population of Athens.
    • d. Sparta replaced the Governments of Greece with oligarchies
  41. Alexander’s empire extended from...
    Greece to India
  42. Name two facts about Phillip II
    • 1. Philip II united Macedonia and conquered Greece
    • 2. Philip II showed great tolerance for the conquered Greeks. He appreciated their culture.
  43. When was Phillip II assassenatied?
    336 BC
  44. Who was king after Phillip II?
    Alexander (son) became king at age 20
  45. What was Alexander’s purpose?
    • a. To avenge the Persian invasions of Greece
    • b. To become king of all Asia
  46. Alexander the Great's men?
    • 1) His men had been fighting for 8 years
    • 2) His army had marched over 11,000 miles
  47. 3 things about Alexander’s death?
    • a. He was in depression since his army refused to continue
    • b. Died of a fever in 323 BC
    • c. He began ruling at age 20 and died at age 32
  48. Where'd the 4 generals go?
    • a. Ptolemy- Egypt
    • b. Seleucid- Syria, Persia
    • c. Antigonid- Macedonia, Greece
    • d. Adrian- Eastern Asia
  49. What became the univeral language?
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