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  1. Hard-disk system that supports high-speed data transfer rates
    RAID (Redudant Array of Independent Disks
  2. Television signal format used in US and most countries
    NTSC (National Television Standards Committee)
  3. Technique that builds a single frame from two fields to help prevent flicker
  4. keep critical text and graphics inside this on the image
    Safe title area
  5. Technique in which playback starts when enough data has transfered to the player's computer
  6. TV signal format used in France, Russia, and few other countries
    SECAM (Sequential Color and Memory)
  7. Schemes that compress a video for delivery and then decode it during playback
  8. Interleaving audio and video segments and putting all info in one file (Quicktime movie on CD or website)
  9. Length of time it takes for the CD-ROM player to locate data on the disk
    Seek Time
  10. Codec in AVI and Quicktime and is optimized for CD-ROM playback
  11. CCD stands for... (sensor that picks up light)
    Charge-Coupled Device
  12. Monitor output is calibrated to display an image that....
  13. Removing a residual magnetic field that distirts the colors on a TV screen
  14. A video signal transmitted with all the signals mixed together on a single cable
    Composite Video
  15. Technique of drawing the lines of an entire frame in a single pass
    Progressive Scan
  16. What is an example of videotape format?
    Component Y?
  17. When does generation loss occur?
    an analog tape is copied to another analog tape
  18. What does MPEG stand for?
    Moving Picture Expert Group
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