FMF USMC Battles

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  1. Belleu Wood
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    • -France WWI
    • -Crush Germans
    • -renamed woods " The Woods of the Brigade of Marines"
    • - Ranked as Storm Troops [highest rating in fighting scale]
    • - devil dog (Teufelhunden)
  2. Battle of Guadalcanal
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    • -7 Aug 42
    • -1st DIV landed and launched lan offensive in WWII
    • - New amphibious combat doctrine
    • -crucial point in war providing a base for future invasions
  3. Battle of Tarawa
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    • - Prime objective Tarawa Atoll and Betio Island (fortified)
    • - Jap CDR proclaimed : it would take a million Americans 100 years to conquer it
    • -Nov 43, marines secured islands in 76 hrs but paid a price'
    • -extended reef landing crafts couldnt cross over it
    • -marines were offloaded 100's of yards from the beaches
    • -lead to heavy loses and drownings
  4. Battle of Mariana Islands
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    • - invaded for needed airfields and advanced Naval bases
    • -landings on Saipan,Guam, Tinian
    • -Jun/Jul '43 LG. Holland M Smith led 146,000 marines and soldiers
  5. Battle of Iwo Jima
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    • -19 Feb '45 Largest/BLOODIEST ALL-MARINE battle in history
    • -23,300 casualties
    • - increased air support/ and bombing ops
    • -Admr. Nimitz "Among Americans who served on Iwo Jima Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue"
  6. Battle of Chosin Reservoir
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    • -North Korea
    • -Chinese Communist Forces cut off marines after entering the war
    • -10 Divz sent to destroy Marines only 3 survived
    • - marines were able to bring back all equiptment/evacuated wounded or dead/maintained tactical integrity
  7. Battle of Hue City
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    • -Vietnamese Holiday Tet, Jan '68
    • -communist forces launched surprise offensive w large numbersof troops into the major pop centers in Hue city, south Vietnam
    • -fighting was house to house measured in yards
    • -city secured on 25 Feb '68
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