history test 3

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history test 3
2010-10-13 19:41:23

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  1. old school beliefs regarding religion?
    • 1. polytheists
    • 2. gods act on whim, ambenevolent
    • 3. people must please/appease gods via sacrifice (humans, animals, food)
  2. shift of beliefs, new school?
    • 1. monotheists (muslim, hebrews, christians)
    • 2. benevolent (kind, loving) all knowing, powerful
    • 3. live moral lives
  3. define moral freedom
    the ability/capacity to choose between right and wrong
  4. discuss morality and ethics.
    morals - how you treat yourself

    ethics - how you treat others
  5. what ideas contributed to the monotheist concept of individual worth?
    Individual = under gods image, divine spark, dignity that can't ever be taken away
  6. how is individual worth expressed in democracy?
    1. one QP= one vote

    2. vote or conscience
  7. relate moral freedom to laws
    without beliefs of ability to choose right or wrong, no accountability
  8. 2 ways roman empire helped spread christianity
    1. Diaspora

    2. constantine - 380 A.D. made it official language of Roman empire
  9. Identify Islam
    • based of teachings of Muhammad
    • Qu'ran
    • early 600's
    • Allah
  10. legacy of monotheistic religions to democracy
    • -Duty of individuals to combat oppression and justice
    • -worth of individual
    • -equality of people
    • -tolerance
    • -charity
  11. define legacy
    lasting effect
  12. purpose/belief/view of life in middle ages?
    preparation for afterlife, service to church, accept you position
  13. purpose of life in renaissance?
    live life to the fullest

    -individualism, art, explanation, buisness
  14. define reformation
    religious movement lead by martin luther + protestants to reform catholic church, "paid pardons"
  15. how did the renaissance + reformation shape democratic ideas? How?
    emphasized importance of individuals, ability to question authority

    by challenging authority of pope, supporting ideas that people interpret bible for themselves, direct relationship with god