Methods Defenitions

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  1. Communication
    The “purposeful” sharing of experience between two or more people.
  2. Stereotype
    A conventional and usually oversimplified conception or belief to form a fixed, unvarying idea about another ethnic group, culture or race.
  3. Interviewing
    A conversation conducted by an individual who fits a wide variety of situations, to elicit and discover information from someone regarding ones experiences, observations and thoughts. It usually involves a specific activity or situation.
  4. Ethics
    The standards of conduct and morals in a particular society. Ethics express the standards of right and wrong. Often based on written guidelines.
  5. Ethical Dilemmas
    Those situations in which one person must make a decision about what to do. (It’s a dilemma in that either the choice is unclear OR the “right” behavior is difficult to choose.
  6. Listening
    The key to successful interviewing.

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Methods Defenitions
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