Neurophysiology Lecture 13

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  1. True or False: Brain plasticity takes place throughout the lifetime, but it is not determined by age.
  2. _____ _____: takes place under 3 primary conditions: •Development • In Normal individuals: Performance shapes neural plasticity•As an adaptive mechanism to injury
    Brain Plasticity
  3. In blind individuals, the feeling of touch is aided by the _________ cortex and the _________ cortex.
    Right somatosensory cortex and the occipital cortex
  4. ________ ________ _______: –Can transiently disrupt performance when applied to a cortical region necessary for task completion through the introduction of “random noise” in the neural processes–Therefore, establish causality between task performance and brain activation by interfering with cortical function
    Transcranial Magnetic Resonance
  5. True or False: Cortical maps can change.
  6. Leg amputation most commonly projects its receptive field to the _____.

    Arm amputation most commonly projects its receptive fields to _____.
    • Chest
    • Face/mouth
  7. People with amputations of the arm and phantom limb pain place their arms inside a______ ____(created by Rama,1993) so that they see their remaining arm mirror-reversed to look like their amputated one.
    Mirror Box
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