damage and conditions

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  1. blocked
    засорен (о раковине или унитазе)
  2. blunt
    not sharp
  3. to break/cut in half
    to break/cut sth in two pieces
  4. bruised (for fruit)
    with brown marks (about fruit)
  5. chipped
    with a small piece broken off
  6. to come off
    to fall from
  7. cracked
  8. to be crumbling off (for plaster)
    (for plaster) small pieces of plaster are falling off bacause it's old
  9. dented
    гнутый (for matals)
  10. (sh is) falling to pieces
    sth is very old and in bad condition
  11. flat
    -of a fizzy drink
    -of a tyre
    • выдохшийся
    • сдувшийся
  12. frayed/fraying
  13. grimy
    very dirty
  14. grubby
  15. sth has better days
    sth is now old
  16. mouldly
  17. to be peeling off (for wallpaper/paint)
    to be falling off a surface
  18. rickety
  19. to rip
    to tear sth badly
  20. to rip sth to shreds
    to tear paper ot metal into little pieces
  21. to scraple
    to scratch
  22. to shatter (into a thousand/million pieces)
    • to break into many tiny pieces
    • разбить в дребезги
  23. to smash to smothereens/into tiny pieces
    to break into very little pieces
  24. to snap sth into two
    to beak sth in two pieces (about hard material)
  25. sh is still in one piece
    sth is not broken after falling
  26. stale
    not fresh
  27. threadbare
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