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  1. but rest assured
    but do not worry
  2. to go to any lengths to do sth
    to do anything to get or achieve sth
  3. to have (absolutely) no intention (whatsover) of doing sth
    will definitely not do sth/act in a certain way
  4. to be hell-bent on doing sth
    to be absolutely determined to do sth
  5. if sb thinks he/she is going to/can...., then they have got another thinking coming
    if sb thinks they can do sth bad and that nothing wil happen, then they are wrong
  6. i'm not prepared to
    i refuse to
  7. one way or another i'm going to...
    так или иначе
  8. threre's no way

    no way ( am i going)
    i absolutely refuse to
  9. sth will stop at nothing to
    sth will do anything to get sth
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