8th. Lesson 14 Robinson Crusoe

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  1. breach (n)
    the breaking of any tie, trust, duty, or law.
  2. contempt (n)
    a feeling of disapproval and disgust for that which seems low and worthless; scorn.
  3. counsel (n)
    advise regarding the decisions and actions of another.
  4. entreaty (n)
    an earnest plea or request; an appeal
  5. inexpressible (adj)
    impossible to put into words.
  6. just (adj)
    rightful; lawful; also, reasonable.
  7. misfortune (n)
    bad luck; mischance; disaster.
  8. overtake (v)
    to come upon suddenly; also, to catch up with.
  9. reproach (v)
    to criticize or blame; to find fault with.
  10. wickedness (n)
    evilness, sinfulness; wrongdoing.
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8th. Lesson 14 Robinson Crusoe
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