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  1. Who Administer the Correspondence Management Program within the Navy and Marine Corps respectively?
    Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps
  2. Who manage the Navy Correspondence Program and coordinates proposed changes to this manual?
    Chief of Naval Operations
  3. What standard should you use when writing to other NATO Forces?
    NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) Number 2066
  4. How is a SUB, SUB paragraph indicated in a naval letter?
  5. Electronic mail should be checked how often?
    Twice a day
  6. T o F classification markings are only indicated at the top and bottom of page?
  7. What memorandum may be used to document mutual agreements of facts, intentions, procedures, limits on future actions, and areas or prevent or future coordination or communication?
    Memorandum of agreement or understanding
  8. How many pen and ink changes are permitted in a naval letter?
    2 per page
  9. What type of letter is used to address two or more activities that are individually identified or addressed as a group?
    Multiple addresses
  10. What memorandum is used to write senior officials such as the secretary of the navy or secretary of defense and is considered the most formal?
  11. If you can't reply to a congressional correspondence within 5 working days, send and interim reply within?
    48 Hrs
  12. T o F Markings are indicated at the top of classified correspondence only?
  13. What type of envelopes for material that cannot be folded i.e. :( photographs, diplomas, negatives, and bulks material) should be used?
  14. T or F Type, or print by other mechanical means the delivery address in uppercase letters. No punctuation except for the hyphen in the ZIP+4 codes. Use black or blue-black ribbons or ink. The return address may be preprinted, typewritten, or rubber stamped?
  15. How many lines below the signature information of a letter should "(copy to :)" be placed?
  16. What is the correct format for writing a naval letter?
    From: To: Via: & Subject:
  17. When is an official Navy letter dated?
    When Signed
  18. What are the sizes of the margins in a standard Navy letter?
  19. When an enclosure to a letter is being sent under a separate cover, how should it be identified in the "ENCL" line of the letter?
    (sep cover)
  20. What type of letter is used when officials of two or more activities issue a letter concerning a particular subject or administrative problem common to both activities?
  21. What memorandum is used among individuals & offices of the same activity & is considered the most informal?
    Memorandum for the record
  22. What color & type of paper is recommended for command files copies of a naval letter?
    Yellow tissue
  23. Whose title appears in the (To:) line?
    The action addressee.
  24. What is use for information that isn't classified, but which may be withheld from the public under the Freedom of Information Act exemptions?
    For Official Use Only (FOUO)
  26. T or F Avoid Multiple Titles. If your Commanding officer has several titles, choose the one that fits the situation best?
  27. When should you use a VIA line?
    Use a (Via:) line when one or more activities outside your own should see a letter before it reaches the action addressee.
  28. How many from-to Memorandum are there? What are they?
    3 (1) Printed Memorandum Forms. (2) Plain-Paper Memorandum. (3) Letterhead Memorandum
  29. What is the most formal memorandum?
    Memorandum For
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