Lab Practical #3 (part II)

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  1. Identify A
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    Superior Vena Cava
  2. Identify B
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    Pulmonary Artery
  3. Identify C
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    Pulmonary Veins
  4. Identify D
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    Right Atrium
  5. Identify E
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    Aortic Semilunar Valve
  6. Identify F
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    • Tricuspid Valve
    • (AKA Right atriventricular valve)
  7. Identify G
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    Right Ventricle
  8. Identify H
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    Inferior Vena Cava
  9. Identify I
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  10. Identify J
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    Pulmonary Artery (to left lung)
  11. Identify K
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    • Pulmonary Veins
    • (from left lung)
  12. Identify L
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    Left Atrium
  13. Identify M
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    Pulmonary Semilunar Valve
  14. Identify N
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    Mitral (left atriventricular) Valve
  15. Identify O
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    Left Ventricle
  16. Identify P
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  17. Identify P
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    Pectinate Muscles
  18. Identify A
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    Papillary Muscles
  19. Identify B
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    Chodae Tendinae
  20. Identify 19
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    Chordae tendineae
  21. Identify 20
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    Trabeculae carnea
  22. Identify 21
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    Interventricular septum
  23. Name vessels that empty into the Right Atrum:
    • Superior Vena Cava
    • Inferior Vena Cava
    • Coronary Sinus
  24. Name Vessels that Exit the Right Ventricle
    Pulmonary Trunk that branches into Right and Left pulmonary arteries
  25. Vessels that empty into the Left Atrium
    Right and Left Pulmonary Veins (total of 4)
  26. Name the Vessels that Exit the Left Ventricle
    Ascending Aorta
  27. Name the blood supply to the Myocardium:
    • Right and Left Coronary Arteries
    • Anterior Interventricular Artery
  28. Define SYSTOLE
    During the heartbeat, systole is the contraction of the heart chamber.
  29. Define DIASTOLE
    During the heartbeat, diastole is the time during which a heart chamber is relaxing and filling with blood.
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