BIOLOGY The Living Condition

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  1. What are the characteristics of all living organisms?
    • 1. Grow
    • 2. Develop
    • 3. Reproduce
    • 4. Made up of cells
    • 5. Obtain/Use energy
    • 6. Respond to environment
  2. Who was Francesco Redi?
    He was a scientist in 1668 who believed in biogenesis. To try to prove his belief he did an experiment with meat and flies.

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  3. Who was Lazzaro Spallanzani?
    He was a scientist in 1767 who believed in biogenesis. To try and prove his belief, he did an experiment with gravy where he heated it, then sealed it.

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  4. Who was Louis Pasteur?
    He was a scientist in 1864 who belived in biogenesis. He did a gravy experiment with a curved neck. So, air could get into the bottle, but no microscopic organisms could get in. Then, he broke the neck and airbourne organisms could get in proving that they were in the air and did not come from the gravy. He disproved spontaneous generation.

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  5. What is spontaneous generation?
    • Abiogenesis
    • The belief that life could come from nonliving things.
  6. What is biogenesis?
    The belief that life could only come from other living things.
  7. Who was Aristotle?
    A philosopher in 380 B.C. who used reasoning and logic to make a hypothesis (did not test it). He believed in spontaneous generation.
  8. Who was John Needham?
    He was a scientist in 1748 who believed that abiogenesis could occur under the right conditions. He did a broth experiment where he boiled it to get rid of organisms, but when he later found organisms in it, he thought they came from the broth.

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