biol ch 7

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  1. Process where solar energy is trapped and stored as chemical energy in the bonds of a sugar
  2. photosynthesis
    • energy-storing pathway
    • releases oxygen
    • requires carbon dioxide
  3. aerobic respiration
    • energy-releasing pathway
    • requires oxygen
    • releases carbon dioxide
  4. chloroplasts are abe to...
    ...convert energy in sunlight into stored energy of sugars.
  5. The upper and lower surfaces of a leaf that consist of a layer of transparent cells..
  6. The outer surface of leaves..
  7. The inside layers of the leaf are called...
  8. Concentration of chloroplasts and photosynthesis occurs where?
  9. Bundle sheath cells...
    • surrond the vascular cells
    • form veins in the leaf
    • supply water and minerals to the mesophyll
  10. Disk shaped membranous sacs in the stroma...
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