Environmental Biology

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  1. Extinction
    Termination of an evolutionary linkage by demographic failure of loss of distinctiveness.
  2. Life span of species
    • 1 million years on Average.
    • 99% of species on earth have gone extinct.
  3. Ordovician Extinction
    • -430-500 MYA
    • -Growth of gonwanan ice sheet
    • -sustained periof of high seal level
  4. Devonian Extinction
    • 360 MYA
    • Global cooling / anoxia of oceans
  5. Cretaceous extinction
    • 65 MYA
    • K-T event (giant meteor)
    • Loss of Dinosaurs
  6. Permian Extinction
    • 250 MYA
    • Susatained cold temperatures
    • Shallow seas
    • 54% of all marine families lost
    • 84% of all marine genera
    • 96% of all marine species
  7. Pleistocene Extinction
    • 11, 000YA
    • Loss of most all species of large birds
    • Loss of large mammals
  8. Astronomical Cycles Generating long-term cycles in climate related to extinction.
    • Tilt of the earth on its axis
    • shape of the earths orbit around the sun
    • precession of the equinoxes
  9. Responses of organisims to global climate change.
    • Shift geographic range to an area with suitable climate.
    • In Mountains species moved down hill when it got colder
    • In Equitorial areas when rain is sparse the species move to refugia.
  10. Name the green house gases
    • Nitrous oxide
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Methane
    • Chlorofluorocarbons
    • Ozone
  11. What effects do green house gases have
    • Allow solar radiation to penetrate the earths atmosphere and warm the surface of the earth.
    • Inhibit the re-radiation of heat into space
  12. Modern day climate change is atributed to what 2-things?
    • Increase in Atomspherice green houses
    • Increase in mean global temperatures
  13. Why may many species who survived previous climate changes not be able to survive again
    • Habitat degradation
    • Overexpolitation
    • Human reduction of suitable habitats
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