OSU CH 201 Ch3

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  1. Electromagnetic spectrum
    the range of different kinds of electromagnetic radiation
  2. Electricmagnetic energy
    is characterized by a frequency, a wavelength, and an amplitude
  3. Frequency (ν "nu" )
    the number of wave maxima that pass by a fixed point per unit time.
  4. Hertz (Hz)
    a unit of frequency; 1Hz = 1s^-1
  5. Wavelength (lambda)
    the length of a wave from one maximum to the next (Section 3.1)
  6. Amplitude
    a wave's height measured from the midpoint between peak and trough
  7. wavelength equation
    • Wavelength * Frequency = Speed of light
    • "lambda"(m) * "nu"(Hz) = c (m/s)
    • rewritten
    • "lambda" = c / "nu"
    • or
    • "nu" = c / "lambda"
  8. Line spectrum
    the wavelengths of light emitted by an energetically excited atom
  9. Balmer–Rydberg equation
    an equation that accounts for all lines in the hydrogen spectrum

    1 / "lambda" == R(oo) ((1/m^2) - (1/n^2))

    R(oo) = Rydberg constant == 1.097*10^-2 nm^-1
  10. Photon
    the smallest possible amount of radiant energy; a quantum
  11. photon energy equation
    E = h*"nu" == hc/"lambda"

    • h = plack's constant: 6.626*10^-34
    • c = speed of light: 3.00*10^8
  12. Avogadro's number
    6.022*1023 unit of mole.
  13. joule
    • is a unit of energy
    • 1 j = 1(kg/m2)/s2
  14. the intensity of a light beam is a measure
    of the number of photonsin the beam
  15. a measure of energies of the photons
  16. Quantum
    the smallest possible amount of radiant energy
  17. de Broglie equation
    • an equation that relates mass, wavelength, and velocity, m = h/λν
    • λ = h/mν
    • m: mass
    • h: placks constant
  18. Quantum mechanical model
    a model of atomic structure that concentrates on an electron's wavelike properties
  19. Heisenberg uncertainty principle
    • The position and the velocity of an electron can never both be known beyond a certain level of precision
    • (change in x"position")(Change in Mass "nu") => h / 4"pie"
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