Psyc Exam 3 Abnromal ch 6 mood

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  1. bereavement
    grief associated with death or sudden loss
  2. most common psychiatric disorder worldwide
    major depressive disorder
  3. mood disorders
    syndromes in which a disturbance in mood is the predominant feature
  4. depression
    mood that's abnormally low
  5. mania
    mood that's abnormally high
  6. major depressive disorder
    persistent sad or low mood severe enough to impair a person's interest in or ability to engage in normally enjoyable/doable activities
  7. dysthemia
    chronic state of depression - longlasting; symptoms are same as major depression but less severe
  8. double depression
    combination of episodic major depressions superimposed on chronic low mood
  9. bipolar disorder
    both episodic depressed mood and episodic mania
  10. bipolar I
    full blown mania alternates with episodes of major depression
  11. bipolar II
    hypomania alternates with episodes of major depression
  12. hypomania
    mood elevation that's clearly abnormal, yet not severe enough to impair functioning or require hospitalization
  13. mixed state
    symptoms of mania and depression that occur at the same time
  14. cyclothymic disorder
    fluctuations that alternate between hypomanic symptoms and depressive symptoms
  15. suicidal ideation
    thoughts of death
  16. psychological autopsy
    interviews with family, friends, co workers, and health care providers in an attempt to identify phychological causes of suicide
  17. learned helplessness
    externally uncontrollable environments and presumably internally uncontrollable environments are inescapable stimuli that can lead to depression
  18. dichotomous thinking
    • "all or nothing" thinking
    • if i cant do something perfectly i may as well quit
  19. overgeneralizing
    • condemning yourself as a total person on the basis of a single event
    • "I got a C on a psyc test, I cant be a psychologist"
  20. selective thinking
    concentrating on your weaknesses and forgetting your strengths
  21. catastrophizing
    only paying attention to the dark side of things, or overestimating the chances of disaster
  22. personalizing
    taking things personally that have little or nothing to do with you.
  23. personal ineffectiveness
    assuming you can do nothing to change your situation
  24. seasonal affective disorder
    • subtype of major depressive disorder
    • depressive episodes that vary by season
  25. lithiume
    naturally occurring metallic element used to treat bipolar disorder
  26. electroconvulsive therapy
    • used when medication and psychotherapy are not effective
    • when a person is at high risk for suicide
    • during pregnancy when drugs aren't allowed
  27. antidepressants
    medications designed to alter mood regulating chemicals in the brain and body that are highly effective in reducing depression
  28. SSRI's
    • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
    • selectively inhibites the reuptake of serotonin at the presynaptic neuronal membrane restoring normal chemical balance
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