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  1. Blowout Fracture
    Fracture of the orbit or bone supporting the orbit
  2. conjunctiva
    delicate membrane that lines the eye lids
  3. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the membrane lining the eyelids.
  4. cornea
    transparent tissue layer in front of the pupil an diris of the eye
  5. globe
  6. hyphema
    bleeding into the anterior chamber of the eye obscuring the iris.
  7. iris
    muscle and surrounding tissue behind the cornea that dialates/constricts the pupil. Regulates light.
  8. lacrimal glands
    glands that produce fluids to keep the eye moist.
  9. lens
    transparent part of the eye thorugh which images are focused on the retina.
  10. optic nerve
    cranial nereve that transmits visual information to the brain
  11. orbit
    bony eye socket
  12. pupil
    circular opening in the middle of the iris that admits light to the back of the eye
  13. retina
    light sensitive are of the eye where images are projected:
  14. retinal detachment
    seperation of retina from its attachments from the back of the eye
  15. sclera
    tough white portion of the eye
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