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  1. Adams Apple
    firm prominence in upper part of larynx formed by thyroid cartilage
  2. air embolism
    presence of aire in the veins, can lead to cardiac arrest
  3. avulsed
    pulled: torn away
  4. cranium
  5. eustachian tube
    branch of internal auditory canal connects middle ear to oropharynx
  6. external auditory canal
    the ear canal
  7. foramen magnum
    large opening at the base of the skull where the spinal cord connects
  8. hematoma
    collection of blood in a space
  9. mastoid process
    prominent bony mass at the base of the skull
  10. occiput
    most posterior portion of the skull
  11. pinna
    external visible part of the ear
  12. sternocleidomastoid muscles
    muscles on either side of the neck allowing movement
  13. subcutaneous emphysema
    crackling sensation felt on palpation of the skin, caused by presence of air in soft tissues
  14. temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
    joint formed where the mandible and cranium meet, just in front of the ear
  15. tragus
    small rounded fleshy bulge that lies anterior to the ear canal
  16. turbinates
    layers of bone within the nasal cavity
  17. tympanic membrane
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