Biology Terminology

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  1. Mitochondria
    Converts energy in food for the cell to use
  2. Ribosome
    Where proteins are assembled
  3. Lysosome
    Filled with enzymes to break down materials
  4. Smooth E.R
    ER without lysosome
  5. Rough E.R
    ER with lysosomes lining it
  6. Organelles
    Specialized structure that performs function in eukaryotic cell
  7. Chromatin
    DNA tightly coiled around proteins
  8. Chromosome
    Contains genetic material that in passed on to offspring
  9. Centriole
    helps organize cell division in animal cells
  10. Cytoskeleton
    helps maintain cell shape and helps in cell movement
  11. Chroma-
  12. -lyso
  13. -soma
  14. Hydrophilic
    love of water
  15. Hydrophobic
    fear of water
  16. hydro-
  17. -philic
  18. -phobic
    fear of
  19. Concentration gradient
    Difference in % of concentration of 2 substrates
  20. Isotonic
    Concentration of two solutions is the same
  21. Equilibrium
    Concentrate of solute is the same throughout solution
  22. Hypotonic
    the solution with the lesser concentration of solutes
  23. Hypertonic
    the solution with the greater concentration of solutes
  24. Concentration
    mass of solute/volume of solution
  25. Osmosis
    diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
  26. Diffusion
    movement from region of high concentration to low concentration
  27. Facilitated diffusion
    movement of specific molecule across a cell membrane through protein channel
  28. Active transport
    Process that moves material across a cell membrane against a concentration difference
  29. Homo/Homeo
  30. ~stasis
  31. Endo-
  32. Exo/ecto-
  33. Phago-
    to eat
  34. Pino-
    to drink
  35. ~cyto
  36. ~ysis
  37. Endocytosis
    Process by which a cell takes material by infolding of cell membrane
  38. Exocytosis
    process by which a cell releases large amounts of materials
  39. Phagocytosis
    extensions of cytoplasm surround and engulf large particles and take them into the cell
  40. Pinocytosis
    when a cell takes in liquid from environment
  41. Homeostasis
    process where organisms maintain a relatively stable nternal environment
  42. Dilute
    to spread out; diffuse
  43. Concentrated
    a large group of something in a small space (large mass/small value)
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