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  1. What food provides the best source of folate?
    Fruits and vegetables
  2. What state does folate have to be in in order to be sent to circulation?
    N5-Methyl THF
  3. How is N5-methyl THF converted to THF?
    Vitamin B12 Homocysteine methyltransferase
  4. What is the name for vitamin B12?
  5. What are two detrimental results of low Vitamin B12?
    • 1) Low folate = anemia
    • 2) lack of methylation = no myelin sheath
  6. What are four areas of the body affected by homocysteinuria?
    • Eye
    • Skeletal
    • CNS
    • Vascular
  7. Is SAMe a substrate or an enzyme?
    Substrate to carry methyl for other reactions
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