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  1. Procaryotic RNA synthesis is initiated by binding of _______ to a specific DNA sequence called _______
    The latter includes 2 consensus sequences which are (provide the precise nucleotide sequences): _______ and ______. The first effect of this binding is that it causes ____. The RNA molecule then elongates in the ____
    direction. The elongation process ends when another specific DNA sequence called the
    ___________ is encountered by the enzyme
    • RNA polymerase
    • the promoter
    • TTGACA__(-35 sequence)
    • TATAAT___(-10 sequence)
    • local DNA unwinding
    • 5’ to 3’
    • terminator sequence (termination signal)
  2. RNA polymerase II catalyzes the transcription of the following genes
    • a) all protein-coding genes
    • b) snoRNA genes
    • c) miRNA genes
    • d) siRNA genes
    • e) most snRNA genes
  3. Eukaryotic ribosome ____. Large RSU Composed of ___, ___, and ___ subunits. Small RSU rRNA is composed of ____.
    In addition to rRNA, each subunit also contains _____
    • 80s
    • 5.8s, 5s, and 28s
    • 18s
    • proteins
  4. In eukaryotic cells, mRNA molecules are characterized by having a “cap” structure which consists of _______ linked to ______ at the ____ end of the mRNAs. In addition, these mRNAs have _____ at the other end.
    • 7-methylguanosine
    • 5'
    • triphosphate
    • polyA tail
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