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  1. What are the two substance inside of the lipid core?
    • TAG
    • Cholesterol Esters
  2. What is on the lipid outer core of CM?
    • Apoliproteins
    • cholesterol
    • phospholipids
  3. Where are CM made?
  4. Which is higher in lipids, CM or VLDL/LDL?
    CM (VLDL/LDL have higher conc. of proteins)
  5. Where is Lipoprotein lipase found and what activates it?
    • Capillaries
    • Apo C-II
  6. Where is VLDL made?
  7. What is the main role of transfer for LDL?
    • Cholesterol to liver (70%)
    • Cholesterol to tissues (30%)
  8. What is the molecule that stores cholesterol esters in the liver?
  9. What are the two best drugs to use in combination to lower blood cholesterol?
    • Resin (increase LDL Receptor production)
    • Statin Drug (inhibit HMG CoA Reductase)
  10. Does HDL take up CE or just C?
    • Cholesterol only (not esterified cholesterol)
    • It is the good cholesterol (LDL is the bad cholesterol)
  11. What is the factor that converts cholesterol to CE in HDL?
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