microbiology 221

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  1. What is selective toxicity?
    • Drugs should have selective toxicity. Drugs that kill the pathogen and not the host.
    • Bacteria - target cell wall (peptidoglycan), ribosomes (70s) and enzymes.
    • Fungi - target engostreal in the cell membrane.
    • viral - use our cells to reproduce making it hard to come up with drugs to fight them. Drugs target cell enzymes.
  2. What are the classifications of drugs?
    • Cidal - kills the pathogen.
    • Static - slows down, stops or slows reproduction of pathogen.
  3. What do bacterial drugs do?
    • Stop cell wall synthesis
    • cell walls protect from osmotic pressure, made of peptidoglycan.
  4. What drugs prevent cell wall synthesis?
    • β-lactams which bind to enzymes to the crosslinks for peptidoglycans. R- []
    • (inhibit the protien cross links between NAM)
    • Binds to Penicillin Binding Proteins (PBS are enzymes for cell walls)
    • NAG - NAM NAG - NAM
    • - *->@--*->@--*->@--*->@
    • NAG - NAM - NAG - NAM
    • * = enzymes that put cell wall together
    • @ = β lactam that binds to enzymes and stops it.
    • This causes cell wall to explode.
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