Social Studies Ch.3 Sect. 1

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  1. Merchants wanted these documents to organize settlements in an area.
  2. The Virginia company was a __________, where investors bought stock in the compoany in return for a shar of its future profits.
    joint stock company
  3. to grow
  4. a land grant
    head right
  5. representatives of the colony's towns, and could make local laws for the coloney.
  6. Was honored with knighthood by King Philip
    Sir Francis Drake
  7. recieved right to claim land in NA by Queen Elizabeth; sent men to find a good place to settle, and got Roanoke
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  8. Saved Jamestown from dying off the first two years by forcing settlers to work, explored the area, and sought corn from the local Natives.
    Captain John Smith
  9. Daughter of Cheif Powhatan who saved John Smith from death and married John Rolfe
  10. Government in Jamestown
    House of Burgesses
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