History Mod. Mid East terms

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  1. autonomy
    independence, freedom, self government
  2. consolidation
    unification, strengthening
  3. conscription
    draft, compulsory enrollment of people for military service
  4. apogee
    climax, apex
  5. hamam
    Turkish baths started by the Romans continued by the Turks
  6. bureaucracy
    gov by many bureaus, administrators,and petty officials.
  7. capitalism
    economic system whose survival depends on the trade between countries
  8. Shi'a islam
    Catholic version of Islam with the succession of saints and saint veneration
  9. acetism
    self denial
  10. rentier state
    • state that rents out its resources to other
    • Gulf countries
    • Saudi Arabia
  11. mandate
    a nation isn't ready to govern itself so they'll be assisted (controlled) until they can
  12. nation state
    based on the superiority of 1 ethnic group
  13. caliphate
    • Ottoman, Sunni establishment to perpetuate the leader of Sunni Islam
    • generally was sultan and caliph
  14. secularism
    bringing God, religion, tradition out of whatever
  15. pogrom
    anti-Jewish riot in Russia often encouraged by the government
  16. Yishuv
    Jewish population in Palestine before it became the state of Israel
  17. aliyot
    waves of immigration of Jews into Palestine
  18. knesset
    the one chamber parliament of Israel
  19. concession
    a privilege, award
  20. al nahdah
    the Egyptian enlightenment that took place around when Napoleon invaded and Muhammad Ali took power
  21. fellah
    Egyptian peasant
  22. triple entente
    alliance of Britain, France, and russian after signing the Anglo-Russian entente in 1907
  23. conquest of land
    Zionists sought to acquire land in Palestine to make an imprint
  24. conquest of labor
    • idea that Jews could only end dependence by becoming economically autonomous
    • had to be able to do and have occupations other than those forced on them by other nations
  25. reformism
    acceptance of nonviolent change, openness
  26. secularism
    get rid of tradition, religion, and God
  27. etatism
    development of an industrial base
  28. nationalism
    attempt to create pride in Turkishness, promote symbols of cultural identity for new state
  29. populism
    establishment of peoples houses throughout the country
  30. al-nakba
    the "catastrophe" in Palestine of the Jews moving in
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