greek preposition

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  1. άντί
    (gen) opposite, instead of, against
  2. άνά
    (acc) up, among, between
  3. άπό
    (abl) from, away from
  4. είς
    (acc) into, to, in
  5. έκ
    (abl) out of (έξ before a vowel)
  6. πρό
    (abl) before
  7. σύν
    (inst) with, together with
  8. διά
    • (gen) through
    • (acc) because of
  9. έν
    • (loc) in, at, on
    • (inst) by means of
  10. κατά
    • (gen) down, upon, against
    • (acc) along, according to
  11. μετά
    • (gen) with
    • (acc) after
  12. περί
    • (gen) about, concerning
    • (acc) around, about
  13. ύπέρ
    • (gen) in behalf of, for the sake of
    • (acc) over, above, beyond
  14. ύπό
    • (abl) by (agency)
    • (acc) under
  15. έπί
    • (gen) on, upon, over (contact ot position implied)
    • (loc) on, in, above (position implied)
    • (acc) over, across (motion implied)
  16. παρά
    • (abl) from (motion implied)
    • (loc) with, beside (position implied)
    • (acc) beside, beyond, along
  17. πρός
    • (gen) for, for the sake of
    • (loc) at, on, near (position implied)
    • (acc) toward, with, at, to
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