bony landmarks

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  1. vertebral notches
    • = indentation at the edge of the bone
    • a. intervertebral foramen
    • function: transmits spinal nerves and radicular vessels
  2. vertebral foramen and canal
    • L.: an aperature
    • function: houses spinal cord
  3. costal facet
    • Latin: rib, small smooth area on bone
    • Function: articulates with head of rib
  4. pedicle
    L: pediculus, foot
  5. transverse process
    bony projection
  6. costotubercular facet
    articulates with the rib
  7. superior articulator process/ facet
    articulates with adjacent vertebra
  8. inferior articulator process/facet
    articulates with adjacent vertebra
  9. lamina
    L. plate, leaf
  10. spinous process
    attachments: trapezius, rhomboids, spinalis, semispinalis, multifidus and rotatares muscles, and supraspinous ligament
  11. sternum
    G. sternon = the chest
  12. manubrium
    • L. handle
    • attachments: pectoralis major muscle
  13. clavicular notch
    • L. clavicula, small key
    • Function: articules with clavicle
  14. jugular notch
    L. jugulum = throat
  15. Body
    attachments: pectoralis major muscle
  16. xiphoid process
    G. xiphos = sword
  17. sternoclavicular
    • sellar
    • Image Upload 1
  18. acromioclavicular
    plane or gliding
  19. glenohumeral
    ball and socket
  20. scapulothoracic
    not a true joint
  21. elbow
    • ginglymus
    • hinge
  22. proximal radio-ulnar
    pivot or trochoid (wheel-like)
  23. Function of skeletal muscle
    • stabilize or move bones at joints
    • generate body heat
  24. Name the types of muscle attachments and describe them.
    • 1. origin: proximal and stationary during the movement
    • 2. insertion: distal and moves
    • 3. tendons: attaches muscle to bone
    • 4. aponeurosis: broad sheet-like tendon
  25. What are the functional groups of skeletal muscle?
    • 1. synergists: muscles that act together ex. brachialis and biceps brachii
    • 2. antagonists: an action that opposes a different muscle group ex. triceps is an antagonist to the biceps brachii
  26. nomenclature of skeletal muscles are made from...
    • 1. function
    • 2. attachment
    • 3. appearance
  27. what is the fascicular arrangment of muscle fiber?
    Image Upload 2

    • perimysium: bundle of muscle fibers
    • epimysium: surrounds entire muscle
    • endomysium: surrouns muscle fibers
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