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  1. Reticular layer
    Deep to papillary layer, has many collagen and elastic fibers
  2. Eccrine gland
    • Sweat (merocrine) gland; vital in thermoregulation; simple, coiled tubular gland
    • Innervated by cholinergic sympathetic axons
    • Three types of cells in secretory segment: Dark, Clear, and Myoepithelial
  3. Duct wall of epidermis
    Consists of adjacent kerotinocytes
  4. Apocrine sweat glands
    • Adrenergic innervation
    • Functional at puberty
    • Single cell type hat secretes viscous, milky fluid
    • Found near hair follicles of axillae, breast, genitals, eyelid, and ear
  5. Sebaceous glands
    • Release sebum
    • Holocrine secretion (apoptosis)
    • Usually associated with hair
  6. Hair
    • Keratinized
    • Connected to papillary layer of dermisby arrector pili smooth muscles
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