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  1. a borderline candidate
    a person who has equal chances of passing or failing an exam
  2. to come top of your class
    to be the best in your class
  3. a degree
    the qualification that you recieve when you've finished studying a course at uni
  4. diploma
    qualification awarded to student
  5. to drop out of university
    to leave uni without finishing your degree
  6. edutainment
  7. to excel at
    to be very good at
  8. a gifted student
    a student with natural ability
  9. a grade
    • a mark recieved in exam
    • (often in a form of a letter)
  10. to lecture in
    to teach a particular subject
  11. a mark
    a point given for a correct answer
  12. to pass an exam with flying colours
    to do very well in an exam
  13. to play truant
    to miss school
  14. to sail through an exam
    to pass an exam very easily
  15. to sit (for) an exam
    to take an exam
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