Chapters 6 & 7

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  1. Elastic clause
    Gives congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper" to carry out it's expressed powers
  2. Senority
    Years of service, which is used as consideration for assigning committee members
  3. Ex post facto law
    A law that would allow a person to be punished for an action that was not against the law when it was comitted
  4. Impeach
    To accuse government officals of misconduct in office
  5. Writ of habeas corpus
    A court order that requires police to bring a prisoner to court to explain why they are holding a person
  6. Franking privilege
    The right of senators and representatives to send job related mail without paying postage
  7. census
    a population count taken by the Census Bureau
  8. constituents
    a person from a legislature's district
  9. Cloture
    A procedure used in the seenat to limit debate on the bill
  10. Pork-barrel projects
    Government projects and grants that primarily benifit the home district or state
  11. Filibuster
    A tactic for defeating a bill in the senate by talking until the bills sponsor withdraws it
  12. Embargo
    An agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them all from trading with a target nations
  13. Cabinet
    A group of advisors to the president that includes the heads of 14 top level executive departments
  14. Executive order
    A rule or command that has the force or law
  15. Reprieve
    An order to delay a persons punishment until a higher court can hear a case
  16. National security
    The ability to keep the country safe from attack or harm
  17. Ambassador
    An official representative of a country's government
  18. Foreign policy
    A nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations
  19. Treaty
    a formal agreement between the governments of 2 or more countries
  20. Executive agreement
    An agreement between the president and the leader of another country
  21. Trade sanction
    An effort to punish another nation by imposing trade barriers
  22. Political appointee
    A person appointed to the federal position by the president

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Chapters 6 & 7
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