Forensic Microchemical Tests

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    • -ortho-tolidine
    • -detects blood based on peroxidase-like activity of heme
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    • - 1-Naphthyl Phosphate
    • -component in Brentamine test for semen
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    • 1-Naphtol
    • -component in Brentamine test for semen
    • -also in detection of sugars, Molisch test
  4. Image Upload 4
    • Fast Blue B Salt
    • -component of the Brentamine test for Semen
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    Brentamine test product
  6. Brentamine Test
    • -detect the enzyme, acid phosphatase
    • -presumptive screening for semen

    1-naphthyl phosphate is added to sample. if acid phosphatase is present, 1-naphthol is formed. 1-naphthol reacts with the FBB salt to create a blue/purple color
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    sodium rhodizionate

    -detection of lead
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    product of sodium rhodizionate test for lead

    • - the test chelates lead in a pH dependent fashion
    • - develops a red-violet color
  9. Sodium Rhodizionate Test
    -detection of lead

    An aqueous solution of Rhodizonic acid chelates lead in a pH dependent fashion. A red-violet color develops upon the addition of 5% HCl.
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    rubeanic acid or dithiooxamide

    - detection of copper and nickel
  11. Image Upload 9
    copper rubeanate product from the dithiooxamide test for copper and nickel
  12. Dithiooxamide Test
    • Dithiooxamide diluted with methanol and ammonium hydroxide is added to the sample.
    • -olive green positive for copper
    • -pinkish-blue positive for nickel
  13. Image Upload 10

    -detection of oxidizing salts
  14. Dectection of Oxidizing Salts
    -diphenylamine and concentrated sulfuric acid are combined and then added to questioned samples.

    blue is positive for oxidizing salts
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    sulfanilic acid

    Greiss #1
  16. Image Upload 12
    N-(1-Naphthyl) Ethylenediamine dihydrochloride

    Greiss #2
  17. The Greiss Test
    -determines presence of nitrate and nitrite ions

    • -add Greiss #1 followed by Greiss #2
    • -pink/magenta positive for nitrite ions
    • -nitrate ions remains colorless
  18. Detection of Sugars
    The Molisch Test

    1-Naphthol, ethanol, concentrated sulfuric acid
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