Orgo ch 6

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  1. What is a nuclephile
    -Any negative ion or neutral molecule that has at least one unshared electron pair

    -Reagent that seeks a positive center

    -Donates an electron pair to the substrate
  2. Strong Bases:
    • -NH2, RO-, HO-,
    • tert-butoxide is a very useful sterically hindered base
  3. Substrates are R-X where X is what?
    • Leaving group, normally:
    • Halide I->Br->Cl->F-
  4. Sn1 reactions proceed faster in what type of solvents
    Polar Protic
  5. SN2 reactions proceed faster in what type of substances?
    Polar Aprotic Solvent
  6. Inversion refers to what in an SN2 reaction
    The Carbon atom has its configuration turned inside out
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