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  1. labial/buccal mucosa
    • epithelium-thick nonkeratinized
    • lamina propria-irregular and blunt
    • submucosa-adipose tissue, minor salivary glands
    • attachment-muscle(firm)
  2. alveolar mucosa
    • epithelium-thin nonkeratinized
    • lamina propria-no papilla
    • submucosa-minor salivary glands
    • attachment-muscle (loose) bone (loose)
  3. floor of the mouth
    • epithelium-extremely thin nonkeratinized
    • lamina propria-broad papilla
    • submucosa-adipose tissue, submandibular and sublingual salivary glands
    • attachment-muscle (loose) bone (loose)
  4. ventral tongue
    • epithelium- extremely thin nonkeratinized
    • lamina propria-numerous papilla
    • submucosa-extremely thin
    • attachment-muscle (firm)
  5. soft palate
    • epithelium-thin nonkeratinized
    • lamina propria-thick w/numerous papilla
    • submucosa-extremely thin adipose w/minor salivary glands
    • attachment-muscle (firm)
  6. attached gingiva
    • epithelium-thick parakeratinized w/some orthokeratinized
    • lamina propria-tall narro papilla mucoperiosteum of alveolar bone
    • submucosa-none
    • attachment-bone (firm)
  7. hard palate
    • epithelium-thick orthokeratinized
    • lamina propria-thick mucoperiosteum of the medial palatine bone
    • submucosa-adipose tissue on the anterior lateral portion minor salivary glands on the posterior lateral portion
    • attachment-bone (firm)
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