TOUR2000 Lecture Seven

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  1. The two major schools of Buddhism? Where? What?
    • Mahayana: China - Buddha as god (search for compassion)
    • Theravada: Thailand - Buddha as teacher (search for wisdom)
  2. Buddhism in relation to Hinduism:
    • Accepts the basic concepts of Hinduism
    • Rejects the caste system
    • Belief not centered around relationship b/w humanity and god
    • Sometimes referred to as philosophy, not religion
  3. What does Buddhism teach? How do they worship?
    • Teaches selflessness, compassion and wisdom
    • Sets a standard of tolerance, gentleness, and love of nature
    • Buddhist do not pray, but meditate
  4. What is Suffering?
    • Universal problem of the world is suffering
    • Cause of suffering is desire
    • Constantly in a state of wanting, and when expectations not met = suffering
  5. The four noble truths
    • 1. All life is suffering
    • - not supposed to be pessimistic but realistic
    • 2. Suffering is caused by desire
    • - discontent with what you have/get (greed, hatred, delusion)
    • 3. Suffering can be extinguished and desire can be eliminated
    • - state of being free from desire = Nirvana
    • - true happiness can be obtained
    • 4. To eliminate desire one must live a virtuous life by following the eightfold path (middle way)
  6. Notions of suffering include:
    • Jealousy
    • Sickness/illness
    • Betrayal
    • Pain, sorrow, misery
    • Frustration, competition, distress
    • Change
    • Fear, violence
    • Death
    • Anxiety
  7. The eightfold path
    • Right....
    • Views
    • Resolve
    • Speech
    • Action
    • Livelihood
    • Effort
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation
  8. Threefold path to spiritual awakening
    • Morality/Ethics: Speech, action, livelihood
    • Meditation: effort, minfulness, meditation
    • Wisdom: views, resolve
  9. What is the ultimate goal of Buddhism?
    to acheive Nirvana
  10. Three buddhist teachings:
    • 1. Karma
    • - actions have consequences, lives influenced by past actions
    • 2. Liberation from Karma
    • - follow buddhas path, escape cycle of craving/suffering and acheive nirvana
    • 3. Rebirth
    • - consciousness continues after death and finds expression in future life
  11. What is Nirvana? How do you attain it?
    • Ultimate goal
    • Release from the round existence with its inherent suffering
    • Enlightened state in which greed, hatred, and ignorancce have been eliminated
    • Peace and happiness
    • Follow eightfold path to attain nirvana
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Buddhist cultures and the search for enlightenment
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